Join us on May 31, 2019 for a day filled with advice, tips and trends that are pertinent to those 55 and older.

Our Main Stage will offer a wide range of topics, from financial advice to health tips...PLUS live entertainment​!

Our classroom will provide a more intimate setting for smaller groups, with other relevant topics.


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10:00 am

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About the Presenter

Taking A Stand Against Slips, Trips, and Falls

Falls are the leading cause of injury and emergency room visits for older adults. Most fall injuries happen in the home at the ground level. In order to empower older adults to be able to remain in their homes it is important to understand how to improve safety in the home, how to improve or maintain physical health, and what to do once a fall has occurred.

11:00 am


About the Presenter

Thriving in Retirement: Financial Strategies for Success

Pete Cymbalak, a retirement planner and investment advisor who has made national media appearances at the NASDAQ and on iHeart Media, will reveal the latest techniques and strategies to help you create a retirement plan that is designed to aim to preserve your capital, seek to earn more income and decrease your risk, strive to reduce your tax burden, and more. It is our intention that you will leave with valuable information you can act upon immediately, such as:

    • How you can create a retirement income for your long term goals
    • How to properly plan for rising healthcare costs, inflation, and higher interest rates during retirement.
    • How you may keep up with inflation while safeguarding your investments from risk.
    • How to create techniques against long term care and health expenses.
    • How to pass your IRA to your children or grandchildren while considering the possible negative tax consequences
    • How future tax rate increases may affect your retirement, and will you be left with enough money?
    • The six retirement plans that we believe that you should have in your portfolio.
    • Key questions you should ask any financial or investment advisor.

12:00 pm

Mary AMA

River Cruising

Explore the worlds cities at ease with River Cruising.  Unpack your suitcase once and travel in Luxury as you visit the places on your bucket list.

1:00 pm

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About the Presenter

Planning Your Next Move: Weighing in on Homes, Condos and Second Homes for Active Adults!

Do you stay in your home?  Or is a condo the next step?  Do you want more space or less maintenance?  Learn about the pro’s and con’s of housing options and upcoming developments that might be the right fit for you.

2:00 pm

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About the Presenter

The Benefits of CBD Oil

See why so many people are using CBD oil for pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and more. Apple Wellness is excited to offer this product to our customers and we are determined to educate our customers on the amazing properties of CBD oil. Learn more about CBD oil and have all your questions answered.


10:30 am

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Group Cruising: Organizations, Families, Friends

Group and Multi-generational cruising is on the rise.  Come learn on how to get started planning a wonderful group cruise.  We can set a group up for a fundraiser as well.

11:30 am


About the Instructor

CRAFT PROJECT: Fused Glass Pendant

Each student will explore the wonderful world of fused glass( melting of glass in a kiln). Students will create on a blank base of glass using pieces of glass, glass frit, small globs of glass and several other parts and pieces. Each composition will be excitingly different!

There is a $10 fee for this class; please bring cash.  This class is limited to the first 40 people.

12:30 pm


About the Presenter

A Compassionate Approach to Dementia Support

Whether you are caring for a loved one with dementia, or you are a friend or neighbor to someone with the disease, learn how you can provide support with compassion and understanding.  We will discuss practical strategies for recognizing signs and symptoms, communicating clearly, managing stressful situations and sharing meaningful and enriching experiences.  The session will include opportunities to experience what it is like to have dementia, and how this knowledge can be applied in day-to-day life.

1:30 pm


FUNctional Fitness- Group Exercise

A 30 minute sample of functional fitness using bands and body weight for resistance moves guaranteed to give you a full body workout.  Do  a brief warm up, followed by a variety of strength and core moves with a cool down and stretch at the end.  Modifications are available for all fitness levels.

Presented by Ron Dorr, MSCR

2:30 pm

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About the Presenter 

Better Balance and Fall Prevention

A 30 minute class on simple exercises designed to improve balance and coordination. If you struggle with balance in your day to day life, this class is for you! Let us help keep you upright.

Presented by Ethan Urban, Princeton Club